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The Future of Merchant Cash Management


Provisional Cash Depositing provides cost effective, risk-free cash management

deposit drop safe

When all the costs and all the risks of your current cash-handling and depositing procedures are added up, you will find that choosing CeleraCash for these important tasks makes great economic sense. And when coupled with ATM vault-cash services, Peregrin Financial Technologies provides everything needed to move your business into the future of cash management.
  • Saves Labor: Provisional Cash Safes count, verify and report all bills deposited. There is no need to fill out deposit slips and calculate totals; these error-prone tasks go away, as does transporting the cash to the bank.
  • Reduces Losses: Error-free bill handling and cash security.
  • Faster Cash Flow: Funds are electronically deposited into the merchant’s account via the CeleraCash transaction server. Money deposited into your CeleraCash Safe as late as 1:45 a.m. is credited to your account less than eight hours later. “Float” is a thing of the past.
  • Safe and Secure: Triton’s VersaSafe safe with its unique 1/2″ plate-steel construction has a UL 291 Level 1 rating, not just a business-hour rating, which lowers your insurance premiums.
  • Efficient: CeleraCash, when combined with Peregrin’s ATM vault cash services, provides you an additional level of functionality and a reduction in costs.
  • Scalable: Additional CeleraCash Safes can be easily added at new locations as your business grows.


Instant Tracking: Deposit transaction and cash levels for 1-1000 stores can be monitored and reported from a PC in a home office or from a Smart Phones on Waikiki Beach

Reporting: Merchant Reports, including daily, weekly and monthly cash positions;

Bank Reports with daily transfers and cash-detail reports;

Administrative Reports showing status of each safe in your provisional-cash-safe portfolio.

And when coupled with a Peregrin ATM you securely and safely put cash in the hands of your customers to spend at your location.