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Turns an ATM into a Time-Release Safe or a Teller Cash Dispenser!

For businesses who need fast, controlled access to cash—whether for COD payments, lottery winners, or any cash payouts—SeguraCash is the answer. Using standard ATM mechanisms and Columbus Data Services’ processing, SeguraCash allows easy, quick and secure access to cash with total control and real-time monitoring.

  • Use the ATM you already have! With the patented SeguraCash system, there is no $4,000 equipment cost nor ongoing operational expenses. The only up-front cost is the minimal charge for registration and setup. SeguraCash is a true pay-as-you go service with only a small fee per dispense.
  • No tube-loading: Using an ATM mechanism in place of a time-release tube safe eliminates the labor intensive, error-prone chore of loading tubes with cash.
  • More accurate withdrawal: Unlike time-release tube safes, money can  dispensed can be within $19.99 of the exact amount needed – within $4.99 with $5 banknotes – helping to limit the money in a cash drawer.
  • Faster access to cash: Triton System’s special screen applicationash Amount. enabled ATM can dispense $1,000 in less than 40 seconds.
  • Controlled access: Staff members that need to access cash are  issued a SeguraCash mag-stripe card with a PIN. This card/PIN can be programmed to limit the amount of cash dispensed in a single transaction, the total amount of cash that can be dispensed per day, plus a time-delay of one to ten minutes between dispenses.