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For several years Peregrin has been providing as-requested ATM services for both local and out-of-state organizations. These services have included ATM installations and on-site repairs for a various ATM-product brands.

The volume of business has now grown to the level that Peregrin has decided to formalize this business opportunity. Effective immediately Peregrin is soliciting ATM service and repair work in the Northwest, from the California border to Canada.

Peregrin’s field-proven service technicians are familiar with all the major models of ATMs and also has in-house a supply of the components most often needed to service ATMs. You will find Peregrin’s quality of service professional and competent and very price competitive.

If you have a need to install or support an ATM in Oregon or Washington call/contact:

Frank Roos:
503/690-1111 ext 303
503/858 8004   (cell)

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